Joining objects in tablemaker

Keith Bradnam krb at sanger.ac.uk
Tue Sep 9 10:20:37 EST 2003

Hi Brandon,

You can use tablemaker to have columns of data from different classes of
object, as long as those classes are connected in your models. I think
this is what you wanted.  I attach an example tablemaker definition which
asks for Locus name (from the ?Locus class) in column 1, then the names of
attached ?Allele objects in column 2.  The final column is retrieving info
from the Allele object.  This is where the 'From 2' part is important.

Hope this helps,


// Spread sheet definition for the ACeDB software
// User: wormpub
// Date: 2003-09-09_16:18:13

// %n (%%n in the graphic) are parameter to be given on the command line in tace
// or by default by the Parameters given in this file
// \%n (%n in the graphic) are substituted by the value of column n at run time
// Line starting with // are ignored, starting with # are comments

Sortcolumn 1

Colonne 1
Subtitle Locus
Width 12
Class Locus
>From 1

Colonne 2
Subtitle Allele
Width 12
Class Allele
>From 1
Tag Allele

Colonne 3
Subtitle Allele_sequence
Width 12
Class Sequence
>From 2
Tag Sequence

// End of these definitions

On 5 Sep 2003, Brandon Walts wrote:

> Hi-
> I'm wondering if it's possible to join two objects using a common key
> tablemaker, similar to joining two tables in a relational database.
> For example, let's say I have a Locus, and that Locus refers to
> Positional Candidates, which in turn contain Phenotypes.  Is it possible
> in tablemaker to display the loci (from the Locus objects) and the
> associated Phenotypes (from the Positional Candidate objects) in the
> same table by somehow following the reference from a Locus object to the
> appropriate Positional Candidate objects?
> I haven't found a way to do this, and the documentation at acedb.org is
> spotty on the issue, so I'm guessing that it's impossible, but I wanted
> to verify this with the experts here before giving up.
> Thanks in advance
> -Brandon
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