Aliasing and Querying Pick_me_to_call

Dave Matthews matthews at greengenes.cit.cornell.edu
Fri Jun 13 01:26:07 EST 2003

Hi Mark,

I think I can answer your second question.

> The following query:
> find Allele IS cho ; follow Phenotype_picture ; >Pick_me_to_call
> Doesn't work, though 
> find Allele IS cho ; follow Phenotype_picture ; >Description
> does work... 

">" is the same thing as "follow".  You can't follow to a value of type
Text, though you can follow to a value of type ?Text.  I'll bet your model
for Pick_me_to_call is using Text instead of ?Text.  Mine does.

> Is there a different way to query Pick_me_to_call values?

Not with this simple query language.  Possibly with AcePerl, I'm not sure, I
don't use it enough.  Definitely with Tablemaker or AQL.  The AQL query
would be this:

select Gif from Gif in object("Allele","cho") -> Phenotype_picture -> Pick_me_to_call[2]

Or using an alternative syntax, this:

select Gif
from A in class Allele,
     P in A->Phenotype_picture,
     Gif in P->Pick_me_to_call[2]
where A = "cho"


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