Aliasing and Querying Pick_me_to_call

Mark Wilkinson markw at illuminae.com
Thu Jun 12 03:15:42 EST 2003

Hi everyone!

I have two unrelated questions that perhaps some kind soul out there
could help me with...

1)  Aliasing - when I do a dump, the aliases are not dumped
(apparently??).  I have quite a few aliases that are extremely useful to
me, and one alias that was made by mistake and is now in conflict with a
valid object.  I need to somehow purge that single alias from the
database without losing the rest.  Any advice appreciated.

2)  I'm writing several SOAP interfaces (using the BioMOBY system) to my
database and one of the things I want to serve are images.  My images
are in the database as "Pick_me_to_call" tags, but I can't seem to query
for them.  The following query:

find Allele IS cho ; follow Phenotype_picture ; >Pick_me_to_call

Doesn't work, though 

find Allele IS cho ; follow Phenotype_picture ; >Description

does work... and it seems to me that both of them should :-)  Is there a
different way to query Pick_me_to_call values?

best wishes everyone!


Mark Wilkinson <markw at illuminae.com>


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