Help needed with AQL query

Keith Bradnam krb at sanger.ac.uk
Tue Jan 28 03:51:58 EST 2003


I'm trying to use AQL to retrieve the timestamps from parts of an
object.  If my object was something like:

Locus: "abc-1"
Other_name "ABC/1"

I want the timestamps associated with the two Other_name fields ('ABC/1'
and 'pqn-1') and I'm trying to make sequential queries to get this
(assuming I know the values of the other names):

So far I have the AQL query:

Select l, m, n.node_session from l in class Locus where l = "abc-1", m in
l->Other_name where m = "ABC/1", n in l->Other_name

This just about works and I get a results table returned with the
timestamp in the 3rd column.  However, this query doesn't work via
AcePerl...the first two columns return ok (Locus name, Other_name) but no

In the results display in acedb, the first two columns have relevant
titles ('l' and 'm') but not the third column.

Any AQL experts out there?



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