how to add a subclass to the sequence class? (urgent !)

Keith Bradnam krb at sanger.ac.uk
Mon Jan 27 03:55:13 EST 2003

> Therefore we have tried to put the CATMA sequences into a separate subclass. 
> I have tried to adding a new subclass called CATMA_sequence on
> options.wrm so it appears in the ACedb window followed by adding it to
> models.wrm and layout.wrm based on the instruction, but it does not
> work.
> So, how to solve this problem? 

To add a subclass you just need to...

1) add a valid entry to the subclasses.wrm file under the wspec directory.  
Your subclass must be a subclass of an existing class.  E.g. if you have a
?Sequence class, you can then add a ?CATMA_sequence subclass.

2) Optionally update the layout.wrm file (not necessary but makes it
easier to access the data using xace)

3) Re-read your models and re-index.  This is crucially important as an
acedb database won't know about any changes to classes or subclasses
without doing this.   The reindexing is important to actually fill the
subclasses with data.  To read models and reindex use the 'Edit' menu in

CAVEAT: acedb only allows 8 subclasses per class.  If you try adding a
ninth you might experience some funny behaviour (I seem to recall that all
nine subclasses will end up showing all of the data in the parent class).



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