Special characters in tags

Ed Griffiths edgrif at sanger.ac.uk
Tue Jan 21 07:00:29 EST 2003


> It looks like special characters that were allowed
> in tags as recently as 4.7l are no longer
> allowed, at least in 4.9l. I am specifically
> referring to square brackets '[' and ']'. I've
> tried escaping them in models.wrm (eg. \[) , but that
> still gives errors on Read Models. The examples below
> show why I want to use square brackets as part of tags.
> Is this a permanent "feature", or was the loss
> of use of these characters an oversight?

We decided to tighten this all up in mid 2001 and reported this in the acedb
newsletter for May/June I think.

Tag names are now restricted to alpha-numerics which does include the "_"
character to allow clearer naming.

Sorry you've been caught out by this but it does make for problems in parsing
tag/object names for the purposes of the original Query language and AQL.

cheers Ed

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