Special characters in tags

Brian Fristensky frist at cc.UManitoba.CA
Mon Jan 20 03:50:28 EST 2003

It looks like special characters that were allowed
in tags as recently as 4.7l are no longer
allowed, at least in 4.9l. I am specifically
referring to square brackets '[' and ']'. I've
tried escaping them in models.wrm (eg. \[) , but that
still gives errors on Read Models. The examples below
show why I want to use square brackets as part of tags.

Is this a permanent "feature", or was the loss
of use of these characters an oversight?

?Phage_Stock     Name Text
                  Library ?Library XREF Phage_Stock
                  Host ?Species
                  Strain Text
                  Genotype Text
                  Paper ?Paper
                  Vector ?Vector
                  Experiment ?Experiment XREF Phage_Stock
                  Titer[PFU_per_ul] Float
                  Freezer Text
                  Box ?Box XREF Phage_Stock
                  Gridded ?Grid XREF Phage_Stock
                  Comment Text
?DNA_Sample Name Text
             Experiment ?Experiment XREF DNA_Sample
             Image   ?Image
             Accession Text
             DNA_Type UNIQUE Plasmid ?Plasmid XREF DNA_Sample
                             Vector ?Vector XREF DNA_Sample
                             Genomic ?Species
                             Linear_DNA ?Linear_DNA XREF DNA_Sample
                             Oligo ?Oligo XREF DNA_Sample
             Strain UNIQUE   Cultivar Text
                             Line ?Line XREF DNA_Sample
                             Transgenic_Line ?Transgenic_Line XREF 
                             Isolate ?Isolate XREF DNA_Sample
             Concentration   UNIQUE [ug_per_ul] Float
                                    [umol_per_L] Float
             Freezer Text
             Box ?Box XREF DNA_Sample
             Comments Text
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