local acedb server + aceperl

amarillion amarillion at yahoo.com
Mon Feb 17 03:49:40 EST 2003


I hope somebody can help me. I managed to install the acedb server on
a linux machine and I want to access the database with aceperl, but I
keep getting permission denied errors. I have successfully installed
the server under inetd, as described in the acedb documents.

For example, I can successfully start a client with the following

saceclient localhost -port 20113

But when I try to access the database with perl I run into problems.
This is the code:

use Ace;
use strict;

my ($local);

$local = Ace->connect (-host=>'localhost' -port=>20113) || die "can't
open database\n$!\n", Ace->error;

I get the following error:

can't open database
Permission denied
Couldn't open database at acetest2.pl in line 6.

(I've allowed anonymous access by setting the access settings in
wspec/serverconfig.wrm to READ WORLD and WRITE WORLD, but if I try to
supply a valid username and password I get the same error)

What am I doing wrong? 

Martijn van Iersel

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