magical "Used_in" text string

Rob Clack rnc at sanger.ac.uk
Tue Apr 29 03:49:57 EST 2003

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xace, 4_9k, Redhat Linux 7.2

is there something magical about "Used_in"?

i noticed this curiosity when i tried to use "Used_in" as a tag name in a
new data model. acedb read the models in without complaints but converted
Used_in to used_in when i looked at the models using xace display.

i tried a number of variations and it seems this phenomenon only happens
to "Used_in", the exact string.

this bug/feature does not affect my work in any significant way but i'm
just wondering why it happens. i had seen a similar phenomenon (for a
string that i cannot recall) in the drawing program Canvas. but in that
case my work was rather significantly affected because i needed to display
that particular string.

any ideas?



The string "used_in" is a pre-defined tag name in acedb, which doesn't, 
for any obvious reason, follow the convention of having a leading 
uppercase character.

Despite this convention, tag names are actually case-insensitive, so 
when you created your "Used_in" tag, acedb assumed you meant the 
existing "used_in", so converted it.

Purely to enforce the convention, I've now properised "Used_in" and a 
few others that seemed to need it.  This shouldn't change any 
functionality, though it will reverse the polarity of the effect you 
reported, of course.


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