How to gain write acess to aceDB?

Keith Bradnam krb at sanger.ac.uk
Mon Apr 28 04:55:51 EST 2003

On 3 Apr 2003, Guo An Sun wrote:

> Hi, there:
> I have tried to delete some email list from InsertDB, but I need an
> write acess.
> I use -D classname delete_file_name, but it does not work.
> I really do not know how to get it to work.
> It will be highly appreciate if you could help me.

Hi Sun,

Could you elaborate a little please?  Were you attempting to load an
acefile (containing the delete instructions) into your database?  If so,
can you show us what this file looks like please.  Also, are you getting
an error message when attempting to load it in...i.e. how do you know it
is not working?

I'm sure this will be easy to fix when we have more information.



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