xinetd and acedb server

Ed Griffiths edgrif at sanger.ac.uk
Tue Apr 22 08:23:15 EST 2003


In recent correspondence I was reminded that there has been no news from me on
the ongoing of saga of running the acedb server under xinetd (as opposed to the
older unix inetd utility).

Below is a known working configuration for acedb under xinetd, thanks to Lincoln
Stein and Jack Chen of CSHL for this information. They use the server as part of
their wormbase web site.

They are running linux version:

Red Hat Linux release 7.3 (Valhalla)
kernal: 2.4.18-27.7.xbigmem

with xinetd version:


and the xinetd stanza they use is:

service acedb
  protocol                = tcp
  socket_type             = stream
  port                    = 2005
  flags                   = REUSE
  wait                    = yes
  user                    = acedb
  group                   = acedb
  log_on_success          += USERID DURATION
  log_on_failure          += USERID HOST
  server                  = /usr/local/acedb/bin/sgifaceserver
  server_args             = /usr/local/acedb/elegans 1200:1200:0

(note that you will need to change the port, user, group, server and server_args
fields for you setup.)

There have been many problems with xinetd in the past so you may want to make
sure that you have at least the above level of xinetd before you start trying
out acedb with it. I will be adding the above information to the server

cheers Ed
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