to change magic tag name

Ed Griffiths edgrif at sanger.ac.uk
Wed Apr 2 09:04:58 EST 2003


> we use the magic tag map in a class named locus:
> ?Locus
> map ?map XREF Locus #map_position
> We would like to change the name of the tag map in linkage_group, allowing
> always map graphic display :
> ?Locus
> linkage_group ?linkage_group XREF Locus #map_position
> Is it possible?

Take a look in the options.wrm file in your database, you will see lines like :

_VMap              -V -D GMAP  
_VSequence         -V -D FMAP
_VClone            -V -D PMAP

The "-D xMAP" says which display to use by default for each class. If you add a
new class called "linkage_group" then you can arrange for it to be displayed
using the GMAP (which is used for the Map class) by adding the following to your
options.wrm file:

_Vlinkage_group    -V -D GMAP

If you have problems then email me direct...

cheers Ed
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