ace browser - displaying Class Plasmid data

Charles Hauser chauser at duke.edu
Tue Sep 10 03:04:42 EST 2002

Hi all,

I just noticed that acebrowser is not displaying all of the information
defined within Class Plasmid.  For example, for the plasmid listed,
	Plasmid : "P-182 cpDNA 23S 5', clr-u-1"
	Locus	 "23S"
	Locus	 "23S'"
	Clone	 "cpDNA BamHI 11\/12 subclone"

are being displayed.

I believe this is produced by the script:

Have we miss-configured something?  Glancing at the script it appears as
though it should adapt to all Class descriptions.

you can try it at:


	class: pasmid
	search: P-182*

 // Class Plasmid

Plasmid : "P-182 cpDNA 23S 5', clr-u-1"
Source   "C. reinhardtii"
Strain   "CC-377 clr-u-1 (nit+) mt+"
Contact  "Chlamydomonas Genetics Center"
Insert   "chloroplast DNA BamHI-EcoRI (4.1 kb)"
Gene	 "rrnL"
Allele   "clr-u-1"
Genes_Present	 "23S rRNA (5' end)"
Locus	 "23S"
Locus	 "23S'"
Vector   "pUC18"
Clone	 "cpDNA BamHI 11\/12 subclone"
Host_Strain	 "TG-1"
Selectable_marker	 "amp-r, white on X-gal"
Origin   "Boynton\/Gillham lab, 1988"
Comment  "Insert is overlap of Eco 3\/4 and Bam 11\/12.  Contains A->G
change at nt 2067 in C. reinhardtii 23




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