AcePerl: create new object

Jan Aerts aerts.jan at advalvas.be
Tue Sep 10 03:04:29 EST 2002


I'm desperately trying to generate a new object using AcePerl, and
include it in an Ace database. I have a weird problem: running the
script does _sometimes_ result in a new object in the database. I
can't figure out why it doesn't work all the time.

(Part of) the script:
: my $db = Ace->connect(-path => "/home/blablabla/acedb");
: my $obj = new Ace::Object(-class => 'STS'
:                          ,-name => 'AAATestSTS17'
: 	       	           ,-database => $db) or die "Cannot create
: $obj->add('STS_length' => 800) or die "Cannot add tag\n";
: $obj->add('Oligo_1' => 'OL_1');
: $obj->add('Oligo_2' => 'OL_2');
: $obj->commit() or die "Cannot commit\n";

I've perldocced Ace and Ace::Object, but can't find the solution.

Thanks for your help,
Jan Aerts

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