correction: re: dna_homol in sequence class

Dave Matthews matthews at greengenes.cit.cornell.edu
Tue Sep 3 11:09:35 EST 2002

Oops.  Overextrapolated and undertested.  I said,

> select a from a in object ("sequence", "Em:AC104662")
> is a _lot_ faster than
> select a from a in class sequence where a = "Em:AC104662"

Actually both of those are essentially instantaneous.  The difference comes
with a little more complicated case:

select a from a in object ("sequence", "Em:AC104662")->DNA_homol  

takes < 1 sec, whereas

select a from s in class sequence, a in s->DNA_homol where s = "Em:AC104662"

takes 110 sec.

(This is with ace4_9i and a database with 500,000 Sequence records.)

- Dave

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