Mac OSX/Darwin Port available

Marc Colosimo MEColosimo at alumni.carnegiemellon.edu
Thu May 2 10:30:16 EST 2002


For those interested, I have ported most of 4_9f over to Mac OSX/darwin.
It passes some of the tests (all those that I could build). I will be
doing some more testing and then I will try and get it on the apple web
site <http://www.apple.com/downloads/macosx/>.

Also, if I have time, I will make a fink installer for it.

Bugs not fixed:
- blixem does not build. I think this is broken and beyond my help.
- these need a build rule for graphtest.o: xtest, boxtest, giftest

If people are interested to try it out or help fix the remaining parts,
please let me know.

Marc E. Colosimo, Ph.D.
Post Doctoral Fellow
Dept. Biology
Brandeis University


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