Match_table tag.

Ed Griffiths edgrif at sanger.ac.uk
Thu Jul 25 06:16:56 EST 2002


> Thanks for the heads-up, Ian.  I am on the mailing list, but I don't
> always recognize how our work may be impacted.  We're not currently (or
> for the foreseeable future) in need of upgrading the version of ace
> we're running, so if others aren't using MatchTable and it's expensive
> to carry it along, then I'd be in favor of its elimination.

I guess the thing is that we are trying, as we go along, to get rid of code that
is no longer used. Your note implies however that you are still using the
MatchTable stuff and I have this nagging feeling that probably at some time you
will want to upgrade your copy of acedb and then it won't support the MatchTable
and then.....

Can I take this as a "Yes" vote for getting rid of it ?  Or are you not sure ?
(sorry to be pedantic, I just don't want to get rid of it and then get into
trouble later...)

cheers Ed
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