how to make an Interval_SRK overlapping

Tony van Kampen A.J.A.van.Kampen at freeler.nl
Thu Jul 18 04:04:39 EST 2002


I'm trying to make a new Interval_SRK column for a new class I invented 
called "Trait_locus". These are eg. QTL's with a Map and Left-Right 

Some QTL's are linked to the same "Trait" and I want to give the 
QTL_bars that correspond to the same Trait the same colour. The other 
Interval columns don't support colours....

I managed though by adding a new tag to "Trait_locus" model, like Red 
and Blue, and used these tags for the "queries" boxes that correspond to 
a certain colour.

So far so good. The only thing that is still missing is that QTL's that 
overlap are still displayed in one line and I want them to be dispayed 
as bars next to eachother when they overlap.

The strange thing is that if I do the same thing for the class "Map" 
overlapping "bars" are displayed next to eachother instead of in 1 line. 
So it is possible, but I don't know how to do it for this class.

Does anybody know how to fix this?



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