pb:session already has write access

Nicolas Pollet Nicolas.Pollet at ibaic.u-psud.fr
Wed Jul 17 03:29:46 EST 2002


I got the following message when trying to get a read access:

	nicolas (session 45) already has write access.

It stems from what I recalled was an abrupt quit of acedb.
I could not figure out how to recover the write access.

This is on macos10.1.3, acedb 4_9i, with everything working.

By the way, is there anybody having the aceserver and aceclient working 
on macosX?

Nicolas Pollet
Equipe TGA - CNRS ESA8080					Tel: +33169157273
IBAIC Bât 447 - Université Paris-Sud			Fax: +33169156816
F-91405 ORSAY CEDEX			mél:Nicolas.Pollet at ibaic.u-psud.fr


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