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Ed Griffiths edgrif at sanger.ac.uk
Thu Jul 11 10:31:37 EST 2002


> My task is to create an Acedb database and populate the database
> with xml documents so that i can run a query.i dont have much information on
> how to go about   this as i am new to this domain....so kindly need ur
> help....can you just tell me what all i need to download from www.acedb.org
> in order to complete this task.

Unless you can say more about what sort of queries you want to do (i.e. give
some examples) its very hard to be of help. You _cannot_ just chuck raw xml text
data into acedb and hope to be able to search it in any useful way. I'm sorry
Anu, I appreciate you want help but if you cannot be more specific about what
you want to do, I can't really help.

cheers Ed
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