XREF limitation?

Qunfeng Dong qfdong at iastate.edu
Tue Jul 2 03:31:56 EST 2002

Hi there, 

I am wondering if I am encountering an unknown XREF limitation? 

Given the following AceDB model

          Title UNIQUE ?Text
          Other_name ?Text
          Type EST
          Matching_genomic_sequence  UNIQUE ?Sequence XREF Matching_ESTs
          Matching_ESTs  ?Sequence XREF Matching_genomic_sequence

Now given the following ace file

	Sequence : g1
	Matching_ESTs e

	Sequence : g2
	Matching_ESTs e

The above acefile is intended to say that the same EST sequence e
matches both Genomic_sequence g1 and g2 (probably because g1 g2 are
homologous seq). However, Then when this data file was loaded into
AceDB, the database only recorded the second information g2 - e but
flushed out the first one g1 - e.

Is this a known XREF limitation? If so, Any suggestions of how to overcome it?
Thanks in advance!

Qunfeng Dong

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