Qunfeng Dong qfdong at iastate.edu
Mon Jan 21 04:44:07 EST 2002

Hi there, 

Somebody must have asked this question before. I am sorry I have to ask this 
because Surprisingly I can't find any document describing how to load protein 
sequence into AceDB. Isn't the usage of Peptide the same as DNA? Please help!

ps.what's wrong with the following simple ace file?
When I tried to load this file, xace hangs at
Item: 2 Q08062
Line: 4 (49%)
Pased: 2
OK:    2
Errors: 0

with NO error message. Why?

Protein : Q08062
Title "Malate dehydrogenase, cytoplasmic."
Peptide Q08062 40

Peptide : Q08062

If I replaced the above seq with 

then I got error message: 
ERROR - array parse error, near line 0 while parsing "Peptide : Q08062", error 
was: peptideParse error at line 8 in Q08062 : bad char m(0x6d)

Please help!


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