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Ed Griffiths edgrif at sanger.ac.uk
Wed Feb 13 04:30:48 EST 2002


> I have recently been supplied with several ACEDB .ACE files from a
> database and have been asked to convert them to another database
> system.  I am therefore looking for some form of extracttion or
> conversion tool for .ACE files to extract the data to simpler files
> (even some kind of CSV format would do)

Unfortunately your question is a little like "how long is a piece of string ?".
Acedb does not have one set format of data, that depends on how the data was
modelled in the database. Did the person who supplied the files also give you a
copy of the wspec/models.wrm file from the database ?  You won't know how to
interpret the ace files without seeing the model (a.k.a. "schema") of the
database !

> If anyone has any ideas of any software that exists to do this, I woul
> dbe very grateful!

I don't know what a CSV format file is so someone else will have to deal with
that. If GFF format is any good then it _may_ be possible to use an acedb
program to read in the ace files and then output GFF format file of the data if
it is appropriate.

cheers Ed
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