deleting data

Dave Matthews matthews at greengenes.cit.cornell.edu
Mon Feb 4 03:05:38 EST 2002

Hi again Ying,

> How do we delete data from the database? 
> If i had loaded data named contig 1 into the database,
> would the data be replaced if i were to load another
> set of database by the same name, contig 1?? 

No, the mechanism for deletion is more flexible than that.  It uses a 
command "-D" in the .ace file.  For example if you have a record in the
database like this,

Sequence : "Contig5002"
DNA_homol BE443570 Phrap 587 1 587 1 587
DNA_homol BE446512 Phrap 200 1 200 1 200

you can delete the whole record by putting this line in a .ace file:

-D Sequence : "Contig5002"

Or you can delete just the first value with:

Sequence : "Contig5002"
-D DNA_homol BE443570

There's some documentation about this at
http://www.acedb.org/Cornell/configuration_guide.html, under "The ace
edit language".

See also the "acediff" program which is included with the ACEDB software
in the bin/ directory and will generate a correct "-D file" from two input
files, old and new.  There's more info about this at

- Dave


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