starting Xace gives Tace?

Tony.vanKampen at Alg.VF.WAU.NL Tony.vanKampen at Alg.VF.WAU.NL
Fri Feb 1 13:22:27 EST 2002


I'm taking my first steps on the linux_version(s) of Acedb. When installing 
the supported most recent linux_version of AcedB on my own Linux_PC, SuSe7.1: 
ACEDB-binaryLINUX.4_9f.tar.gz, I can't get Xace working, but when I try I do 
get Tace and the ChickAce_dBase I copied from the windows environment. For the 
installing I followed the installation manual by the letter; I first used the 
"install"_file and when that was unsuccesfull I switched to manual. Further I 
tried both the dynamic and static versions....
Because we have a Linux_server version working, by the informatics_group in 
the same building, with Linux Acedb_version 4.7, I went to the SW_archives and 
downloaded bin.linux_libc6.4_7g.tar.Z. After installing (TAR only) on my own 
Linux_machine this version Xace works and I have my ChickAce running on Linux! 
So my question is: what's is wrong or missing in the supported 4_9 version 
that I get TACE instead of XACE while starting XACE?
The idea is to migrate the Windows_server version to a Linux_server version. 
Should I use the 4.7Linux_version instead of the supported 4.9Linux_server 

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