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ACEDB for Mac OS X 10.2

Nicolas Pollet Nicolas.Pollet at ibaic.u-psud.fr
Thu Dec 19 04:20:28 EST 2002

Dear Georg and dear ll,
I had the same problems: libdl is missing.
You can use the binaries compiled on macos10.1 on macos10.2 by 
installing libdl package  available at http://macosx.forked.net/
I presume that the old libdl version provided by fink should do the job 
as well.

Anyhow, I did not get a full compilation on macos10.2.2 thus far...
1- With ACEDB_MACHINE set to MACOSX_4,
readline-4.3, glib-1.2.10, gd -1.8.4, glib-1.2.10 and  gtk-1.2.10 
installed from fink
libdl and libintl in /usr/local/lib
  I have no tace and xace to compile. Error is:
[oxygene:/Applications/molbio/acedb] pollet% make xace
making xace for MACOSX_4
cc -g -fwritable-strings -Wall -O2 -DACEDB4 
`../w3rdparty/include-config -I/sw/include` -DFreeBSD  -I.. -I../wh 
-I../wstaden -DACEDB_GTK -DMACOS_X -c -o disknew.o disknew.c
disknew.c: In function `diskblockwrite':
disknew.c:1005: `O_SYNC' undeclared (first use in this function)
disknew.c:1005: (Each undeclared identifier is reported only once
disknew.c:1005: for each function it appears in.)
make[1]: *** [disknew.o] Error 1
make: *** [xace] Error 2

2- With ACEDB_MACHINE set to DARWIN_4 :
I can make tace, and for xace I have the following error message:
making xace for DARWIN_4
cc -g -fwritable-strings -Wall -O2 -DACEDB4 
`../w3rdparty/include-config -I/sw/include`   -I.. -I../wh -I../wstaden 
-DACEDB_GTK -DDARWIN -c xacemain.c
cc -g -o xace xacemain.o mainpick.o display.o update.o newkey.o 
treedisp.o forest.o ksetdisp.o plot.o plot2d.o sessiondisp.o 
longtextdisp.o querydisp.o qbedisp.o querybuild.o tabledisp.o 
tablemakerdisp.o multimapdisp.o objcachedisp.o action.o layoutdisp.o 
prefdisp.o acedbgraph.o acdbtest.o gifcommand.o statusdisp.o aqldisp.o 
geldisp.o cmapdisp.o pmapdisp.o pmapconvert.o gmapdisp.o vmapdisp.o 
vmapdrag.o pepactivezonecol.o alignmentdisp.o dnacpt.o fpdisp.o 
pepdisp.o pepgifcommand.o pephomolcol.o pepseqcol.o pepfeaturecol.o 
pepgraphcol.o metab.o gmapconvert.o gmapmarkercol.o gmapintervalcol.o 
gmaplocuscol.o gmapremarkcol.o drawdisp.o gmapposnegcol.o method.o 
methodcache.o gmapsubmapcol.o dendrogram.o mapcontrol.o fmapsequence.o 
fmapfeatures.o fmapgene.o fmaposp.o fmapblast.o fmapmenes.o 
fmapstatus.o fmapcontrol.o smapconvert.o fmapcdna.o fmapcurate.o 
griddisp.o embl.o translate.o gmapdata.o gmapdatacol.o vmapdata2.o 
align.o gmapphys.o vmapphys.o gfcode.acedb.o hexcode.acedb.o  dotter.o 
dotterKarlin.o blxview.acedb.o  oxgriddisp.o pairmapdisp.o o2m.o 
oxhomlist.o specg.o -L. -lxace -lfree -lgex -lgraph -lgd 
`../w3rdparty/acedb-config` `../w3rdparty/libs-config` -lm -lreadline 
ld: Undefined symbols:
make[1]: *** [xace] Error 1
make: *** [xace] Error 2

If any of you can give me hints, it will be much appreciated.
	Best wishes,


Nicolas Pollet, PhD
Equipe TGA - CNRS ESA8080					Tel: +33 169157273
IBAIC Bât 447 - Université Paris-Sud			Fax:+33 169156816
F-91405 ORSAY CEDEX			mél:Nicolas.Pollet at ibaic.u-psud.fr
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