dna_homol in sequence class

Richard Adams Richard.Adams at ed.ac.uk
Fri Aug 30 03:36:14 EST 2002


I'm trying to get the genomic sequence coordinates for the start/finish
of DNA homology matches to particular BACS in our in-house Ace database.

My AQL query is

 select a, a[4], a[5] from a in object ("sequence",
"Em:AC104662")->DNA_homol where a = "Mm_A:contig_66209"

where a[4] is the start coord and a[5] the end coord. But, for a
sequence (say a cDNA ) with multiple matches, this doesn't return say

name    23    345
name  567    789
name 1024    4567

which is what I would like,  instead it returns

name 23 345
name 23 789
name23 4567
name 567 345
name 567 789
name 567 4567
name 1024    345
name 567 789
name 1024    4567

Can anyone help me on this? If there is just a single match this query
works fine. Likewise if I just ask for a[4] or a[5] I get just three
rows returned.  In the data model there doesn't appear to be any nested
data structure
for multiple matches but as I 'm a bit new to all this there may be a
totally obvious answer, in which case my apologies.

Thank you for your time,

Dr Richard Adams
Molecular Medicine Centre
University of Edinburgh
richard.adams at ed.ac.uk


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