Table parameters in 4.9f

Martin Trick martin.trick at bbsrc.ac.uk
Mon Aug 19 04:49:15 EST 2002

Apologies if this is a dumb question, but I can't find an obvious answer
to it in the documentation. What has happened to the mechanism of table
parameter substitution between version 4.7l and 4.9f tace?

Briefly, the following works in 4.7l

acedb> table -n mytable map1 map2

so %1 and %2 in the table take the values of map1 and map2

However, in 4.9f I get

// Parameter %2 cannot be substituted

I think the whitespace between map1 and map2 is not being parsed and so
%1 takes the value of "map1 map2". I've tried lots of combinations of
escaped quotes but haven't succeeded yet!


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