querying on square-brackets, []

Jean Thierry-Mieg mieg at ncbi.nlm.nih.gov
Wed Aug 14 10:04:56 EST 2002

I guess that what is happening is the following

query:: enters full query syntax
[] initiate arithmetic mode and force the opening of the objects

please try the following 2 tests, i expect both of them to
complete immediatly

test 1:
find sequence [AL505438.1]

this should be fast because find not preceded by query
does the same as the acedb graphic main window top yellow box
that is a strict name search without interpretation

test 2:
query find sequence IS "[AL505438.1]"

this is the fully pedantic form of the query
the presence of IS forces evaluation of name matching

if you are running some kind of web service with a midleware cgi
you should always form the query like in test 2, and inside the string
protect the eventual " \ or // with a \


please let me know ASAP of the test  result

>this query takes 10 minutes to execute in GrainGenes,
>  query find sequence [AL505438.1]
>Whereas the following queries all complete in less than a second except
>as noted.
>  query find sequence (AL505438.1)
>  query find sequence {AL505438.1}
>  query find sequence "[AL505438.1]"
>  query find probe [AL505438.1]      7 seconds
>  find sequence [AL505438.1]

>- Dave

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