quoted_in ANY

Steven Chan schan2 at vcn.bc.ca
Tue Apr 9 04:29:43 EST 2002

We are a nonprofit trying to use acedb in a non-biological application.

We have a question about the data type ANY. 
The BNF grammar (1993) says that it is only available in the kernel, 
so that only the predefined classes ?text and ?keyword can be quoted in any classes. 
Is this feature still in the kernel, or has it been taken out?
If so, then one could define one's own classes with the behaviour of ?text and ?keyword
and use them accordingly, for example:

?resource quoted_in ANY

?user uses ?resource

?producer produces ?resource

When ?resource gets populated with different instances,
one could then click on any of them to find who is using it and who is producing it.
Meanwhile, ?text and ?keyword would be used for something else in the models.

Steven Chan
Vancouver Community Network


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