transition to 4_9

Jody Schwartz jrschwartz at lbl.gov
Wed Apr 3 10:48:34 EST 2002

Hi Ed, Jean and Everyone who has helped me (I've been an acedb user,
administrator since 1998),

Our webserver and database was highjacked to a foreign planet, or some
other explanation quite close to that, and I had to reinstall the
gifaceserver from scratch.

I have been using 4_8a for quite a while to do annotation, I use the
sequence map display.  We just installed 4_9d.   This is a pretty
specific question.  My hand-curated genes, called hand_built in methods,
are supposed to be blue.  But only the introns are blue.  The exon boxes
are arbitrarily purple.  Any thoughts on why this is?  (The other two
are correctly colored.)

Method : "hand_built"
Colour	 BLUE
Width	 2.000000
Right_priority	 2.000000

One more question.  When I use AceBrowser to access the sgifaceserver,
and retrieve the sequence map of a gene, the right end of the ace
display is being cut off.  Can I fix it?

By the way, if anyone was going to suggest it, unfortunately I nor
anyone here can get 4_9f to compile on our Solaris 7 machines.

Here is a sample url that shows the problems:

Thanks very much and take care.
Jody Schwartz, Ph.D.		
Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory 
1 Cyclotron Road (Mail Stop 84-171), Berkeley, CA 94720
JRSchwartz at lbl.gov  Tel: 510-486-7004  Fax: 510-486-5043


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