Trouble loading large data into AceDB

Tim Cutts timc at chiark.greenend.org.uk
Fri Sep 28 03:29:25 EST 2001

In article <200109271426.f8REQjVu009168 at mailhub-2.iastate.edu>,
Qunfeng Dong  <qfdong at iastate.edu> wrote:
>Dear Tim, 
>Thanks for your help! I checked the cachesize.wrm file. It shows
>Cache1 = 128000
>Cache2 = 256000
>DISK = 80000
>How should I change it?

Those values are already quite large.  You probably don't need to change
them, unless you really have a single object larger than 128 MB...

In fact, if anything your cache entries probably don't need to be as
large as you have them.  I only have them at 4000, and that's plenty for
most genomic objects I deal with.

With cache set as big as you have done there, xace's memory consumption
is probably huge.  Are you sure your machine isn't just running out of
memory?  Or that xace isn't hitting a per-process memory limit (check
what ulimit says about current limits)?


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