Trouble loading large data into AceDB

Tim Cutts timc at chiark.greenend.org.uk
Fri Sep 28 03:29:22 EST 2001

In article <200109271431.f8REVsVu009721 at mailhub-2.iastate.edu>,
Qunfeng Dong  <qfdong at iastate.edu> wrote:
>Dear Ed, 
>Thanks for your help. When it crashed, the AceDB Main windows always just 
>disappeared without any error msg. So, when I tried to load the Acefile, it 
>will stall at certain point for about 10 sec, then crashed as I described. 
>I am using AceDB 4.3 on Linux redhat 5.2, Dual PII 450, 768 MB ram. 

4.3?  Blimey, that's even older than the stuff I was using until a
couple of weeks ago.  The ACeDB team will advise you, and I second them,
to upgrade to 4.9, the latest stable version.  The pain in upgrading a
lot of releases like this is that the standard models have changed a
lot.  If people at your site have also been changing the models,
merging your changes and the upstream changes can be a real drag.

[ aside: can this be changed in a future release?  I think it's scary
that I can change bits of the model on which things like displays depend
- these should really be in a separate config file or even not
  configurable at all, surely? ]

>BTW, everytime it crashed, it holds a big chunk of memory. Unless I reboot the 
>system, it won't release the memory. 

Do you mean it crashes, or just sits there?  If it really crashes and
dies, the operating system should pick up the memory again.

Incidentally, your Red Hat version is really out of date too.  You
should upgrade to a more recent version, if for no other reason than to
fix lots of security holes that have cropped up in the 3-4 years since
Red Hat 5.2 was released.


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