ace_4.9c saceserver on solaris?

Dave Matthews matthews at greengenes.cit.cornell.edu
Thu Sep 27 10:30:57 EST 2001

Hi Ed, 

> Currently the server will not continue if it can't write to the log file,
> that is the only file it actually needs to write to.
> ...
> The reason that you get this cryptic message is that the server has already
> exitted so there is nothing for the client to connect to.

Could the server send a message to the client about why it's exiting?

> If you would like to be able to start the server in a truly "read only" way I
> can do that easily, I think it should be a configuration file parameter
> though so that administrators have to choose it.

Looks like there already is a READONLY_DATABASE parameter in 
serverconfig.wrm, which seems to claim it does what we want.  But it 
doesn't seem to be working.  At least I still can't connect to the 
server if it's running as user 'nobody' who doesn't have write permission
in the database directory.  The message is

  FATAL ERROR - (matthews on ceres.plbr.cornell.edu) reported by program
  saceclient (ACEDB 4_9c), in file sclientlib.c, at line 208: Error in reading
  from socket, closing down connection.

- Dave


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