ace_4.9c saceserver on solaris?

Ed Griffiths edgrif at sanger.ac.uk
Tue Sep 25 06:11:28 EST 2001

Jing Yu,

> - In my /etc/services, I have line:
>      cabbagepatch    20001/tcp
> - In my /etc/inetd.conf, I have line
>      20001/1 stream tcp wait nobody /usr/local/bin/sgifaceserver
> sgifaceserver /data/users/jingyu/local_cabbage/Local-CP    1200:1200:10
> - regarding to the line in etc/inetd.conf:
>   If I use db_nick_name at the beginning of the line,
>   e.g.: cabbagepatch stream tcp wait ...,
>   there is no any error msg but the client is just hanging there.
>   If I use port_number/1 at the beginning of the line, which is like a
> correct way for solaris tcp/rcp,
>   e.g.: 20001/1 stream tcp wait ...,
>   I got error msg (see below).

OK, "20001/1" is an rpc style entry, saceserver does not use rpc, the acedb
server that was based on rpc is dead, we no longer distribute it.

Looking at the above I see that your inetd.conf entry will result in the server
running as user "nobody", does this user have permission to read/write to the
database ? I would guess not, if this is the case then that is the source of
your problem. The server will detect that it does not have permission to
read/write the database and exit. The reason the server works in the foreground
is that you are probably running it as you, and you have permission to
read/write to the database.

Please read:


which you should find comes with the server code. If there is anything you are
unsure about then email me direct.

Please, please note that you _must_ get all permissions right for the database
and so that the userid you put in inetd.conf, under which the server will run,
can access the database.

cheers Ed
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