dotter crosshair display bug report

Tim Cutts timc at chiark.greenend.org.uk
Wed Sep 12 04:04:43 EST 2001

Hi, yet again!

One of my users has spotted a bug in dotter 4.9c which did not exist in
dotter 4.7l, so is presumably something to do with the switch to GTK:

If you dotter a file containing two largish (40-60kb) sequences against
a shortish sequence (~1.2kb), the crosshairs start behaving very oddly
at the right hand end of the sequence.  There seems to be an absolute
limit on the 'length' of the horizontal crosshair.  If you scroll far
enough to the right, it's not visible at all!

This only happens if the option to have crosshairs across the whole
window is set.

See the example screen dump at:


Is this a known problem?  Can it be fixed easily?



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