socket aceserver installation instructions

Ed Griffiths edgrif at sanger.ac.uk
Mon Sep 3 12:51:53 EST 2001


> I see in ftp://ftp.sanger.ac.uk/pub/acedb/SUPPORTED/NOTES/ that
> "The RPC server is not available in 4_9."  Okay.
> But it doesn't say where to find the instructions for setting up the
> socket server.  They aren't included in ACEDB-serverLINUX.4_9c.tar.gz.

uuugggghhh, they were supposed to be included, I've just noticed this is not
happening, there must be a problem with the build of the install files, I'll
check this out. I will also alter the NOTES so directly reference the docs,
sorry this latter is my fault entirely.

> After an hour or so I ran across a file in ACEDB-source.4_9c.tar.gz
> that looks really useful, wdocs/SOCKET_aceserver.html.
> Haven't tried it yet but thought I'd mention it here because I've seen
> folks on the acedb newsgroup wrestling with the socketserver.

You've found the correct documentation. On the acedb workshop and on several
acedb course I have taught on people have found it easy to get the server
running in the foreground. They sometimes have trouble running under inetd but
in most cases this has come down to problems with permissions, /etc entries etc.

If you experience problems let me know and I'll give any help I can.

cheers Ed

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