AcedB and Xinetd

Stan Martin slmarti2 at unity.ncsu.edu
Mon Oct 15 02:36:01 EST 2001

I was wondering if anyone has gotten Acedb working properly with      
Xinetd yet? If so, how did you set up the Xinetd configuration files? 
I am running RH Linux 7.1, Xinetd version 2.33. I posted here a while 
ago, but had to use a rather backwards solution to get it working... I
am doing another installation of Acedb now and would really like to   
get it right.  Any help would be greatly appreciated!                 
Stanton Martin                                                        
Fungal Genomics Laboratory                                            
NC State University                                                   
Raleigh, NC 27606                                                     
919 513-0025                                                          


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