ace_4.9c saceserver on solaris?

Dave Matthews matthews at greengenes.cit.cornell.edu
Wed Oct 3 03:31:29 EST 2001

Hi folks,

Does _anybody_ have the socket aceserver working under inetd in Solaris?
I'm afraid this question has gotten buried in other related issues in the 
recent discussions.

I said, 26sep01:

: Actually the db_nickname syntax doesn't leave the client hanging forever.
: After some minutes it finally responds: 
:   FATAL ERROR - (acedb on greengenes) reported by program saceclient (ACEDB
:   4_9c), in file sclientlib.c, at line 269: Client aborted, server did not
:   reply correctly during handshake
: In fact ps() shows that the server never started during that time.  And
: nothing gets written to database/serverlog.wrm, even if DEBUG is turned on
: in serverconfig.wrm.  [see ** Note Below] 
: Note, this is only on Solaris.  In Linux this is working fine.  Identical
: setup as far as I can see.

** Note Below:
That's true, but subsequently I noticed that /var/adm/messages is full of
lines like this:

Sep 28 13:37:34 greengenes inetd[172]: /ligule/acedb/ace4_9c/saceserver: Hangup
Sep 28 13:44:13 greengenes last message repeated 2283 times
Sep 28 13:44:14 greengenes inetd[172]: /ligule/acedb/ace4_9c/saceserver: Hangup
Sep 28 13:50:54 greengenes last message repeated 2262 times

- Dave


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