ace_4.9c saceserver on solaris?

Ed Griffiths edgrif at sanger.ac.uk
Wed Oct 3 03:30:21 EST 2001


> Could the server send a message to the client about why it's exiting?

There should be stuff in the serverlog.wrm to show the reason, of course if you
run the server without logging you won't see this but I think that's probably a
fair cop. I could arrange for your suggestion to happen but for a number of
reasons it will make the code mucky so I would rather not do it if possible.

> Looks like there already is a READONLY_DATABASE parameter in
> serverconfig.wrm, which seems to claim it does what we want.  But it
> doesn't seem to be working.  At least I still can't connect to the
> server if it's running as user 'nobody' who doesn't have write permission
> in the database directory.  The message is

OK, I had forgotten that I had added this option, I've done some coding to make
sure that it now works so that:

1) you can uncomment the READONLY_DATABASE parameter and it will work

or 2) you can specify a commandline "-readonly" parameter.

3) you can run the server with the everything in the database
(directories/files) readonly except the database/serverlog.wrm file so you can
have a "readonly" database but with logging.

Does this seem flexible enough??

Also note that currently the server will not start if wspec/serverconfig.wrm or
wspec/serverpasswd.wrm are missing, I could change this but the defaults would
have to be fairly draconian, i.e. readonly.

Let me know what you think.

cheers Ed

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