question about AceDB socket-based client-server

Ed Griffiths edgrif at sanger.ac.uk
Fri Nov 30 05:23:57 EST 2001

Qunfeng Dong,

> I have some maybe very silly questions about how to
> install the socket-based client-server for acedb
> v4.9f. Basically, we are following the instruction
> written by Ed Griffiths at
> (www.acedb.org/Development/wdoc/SOCKET_aceserver.html).

Hi, it's me, I wrote the docs so I'm _very_ interested to make them as good as

> 1). we set a admin usrid/passwd in serverpasswd.wrm
> So when we run the saceserver program at command line,
> it asks for login. BUT why the saceclient program also
> ask for login when we ran it??? BTW, we didn't set any
> usrid/passwd in the other groups.

eerrrmmm, I'm not sure I understand this bit, but here goes.

The user/passwd mechanism has changed from the old RPC-based "aceserver" where
you could just put a userid in wspec/passwd.wrm and some directory information
in wspec/server.wrm and then the client had immediate access.

Now you must add a userid and passwd to wspec/serverpasswd.wrm, then you start
the saceserver. You then start the client and the client will prompt you for a
userid and passwd, if these match what the server finds in
wspec/serverpasswd.wrm then you can continue otherwise the server rejects your
connection. This is really no different from what happens when you log on to a
unix system (or many other computer systems).

Is this not what happens for you ?

> 2). The default Timeout for saceserver is : clientT
> 600, serverT 600. Does these mean client will be
> disconnected after 600 sec and server will shut down
> after 600 sec? Aren't they too Short?

Ok, these timeouts mean:

client timeout: the server will disconnect any clients who have not been active
for this length of time.

server: once all clients are disconnected, the server will timeout after this
length of time. 

By default these times are set to 10 minutes (600 secs), you can set these
timeouts when you start the server, if you set the timeouts to 0, this means
"infinite", i.e. server/clients will never timeout.

If you wanted for instance to allow clients to be dormant for an hour but have
the server close down as soon as the last client quit you could start the server
like this:

saceserver your_database_path your_port 3600:1

I will add some text to the document you mention to make this clearer.

cheers Ed

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