question about AceDB socket-based client-server

Qunfeng Dong dongqunfeng at yahoo.com
Fri Nov 30 04:35:59 EST 2001

Hi there, 

I have some maybe very silly questions about how to
install the socket-based client-server for acedb
v4.9f. Basically, we are following the instruction
written by Ed Griffiths at
We have TWO questions:

1). we set a admin usrid/passwd in serverpasswd.wrm.
So when we run the saceserver program at command line,
it asks for login. BUT why the saceclient program also
ask for login when we ran it??? BTW, we didn't set any
usrid/passwd in the other groups.

2). The default Timeout for saceserver is : clientT
600, serverT 600. Does these mean client will be
disconnected after 600 sec and server will shut down
after 600 sec? Aren't they too Short?

Please help!

Qunfeng Dong

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