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> > Since Fink packages are really Debian packages, and I know those, the
> > should go fairly smoothly.
> >
> Simon, if you've got stuff in place to build Debian packages, would it
> be possible to have a package of acedb in Debian itself?  It would be
> very useful for a lot of people I'm sure, especially since Debian
> generally seems to be the distribution which already has the most
> bioinformatics software packaged for it...
> Is anyone reading this already a member of the Debian project?  I used
> to be, but my account on master.debian.org has long since expired...
> Tim.

Sadly, it's no quite that simple (tm). It turns out that Fink packages use
the debian format and tools for installation and management, but a different
(perl-based) set of tools to build the package. There's a rationale for this
on the website, if you're interested. The upshot is that possession of the
fink config file is not enough to make a true debian package, and posession
of a debian "rules" file is not enough to make a fink package. Sigh.

That said, a debian package is a good idea, and I will most likely do one at
the same time as a Fink pacakge. Maybe I'll get into "deep hack" mode again
this weekend...

I'd love to find a tame debian developer to take on Acedb, and while they are
at it I'm looking for someone to sponsor dnsmasq too
(www.thekelleys.org.uk/dnsmasq/doc.html) No work to do there, it's already
packaged up and ready to go into the distro.


Simon Kelley.  srk at sanger.ac.uk  simon at thekelleys.org.uk  

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