acedb, worms, bioinformatics, and copyright infringement

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Lincoln Stein took this up with O'Reilly where he has some contacts and I
include the below posting he made to the worm newsgroups of the reply from

=========== from Lincoln ==============================================

Hello All,

I am posting this at the request of Lorrie LeJeune, the O'Reilly
editor responsible for the Developing Bioinformatics Computer Skills

Lincoln Stein

> forwarded letter follows

To the C. elegans community:

Many of you have noticed a line in the frontmatter of Developing 
Bioinformatics Computer Skills claiming that O'Reilly has trademarked the 
association  between the image of C. elegans and the word bioinformatics. 
When the association between topic and animal is unique, we usually insert 
this line into all of our books to keep other publishers from swiping our 
critters, many of which are in the public domain.

In the case of Developing Bioinformatics Computer Skills the trademark line 
was inserted automatically by production, and I didn't notice it in page 
proofs. I would certainly have deleted it had my eyes been working properly 
the day I reviewed the frontmatter. Images of C.elegans have been 
associated with scientific research long before we began publishing books 
in this area, and in fact, I based the cover image on a photo from Leon 
Avery. (He is credited in the backmatter.)

The trademark line will be removed starting with the next 
printing.  O'Reilly has no intention of enforcing any trademark between "C. 
elegans" and the word "bioinformatics." Please accept our apologies.


Lorrie LeJeune
O'Reilly & Associates

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