acedb, worms, bioinformatics, and copyright infringement

Franco A. Bignone abignone at unige.it
Thu May 24 03:56:17 EST 2001

Keith Bradnam wrote:

> Today I have seen the new O'Reilly book which covers 'Developing
> bioinformatics computer skills'.  The cover bear the image of a few C.
> elegans worms.  However, the inside jacket remarks that:
> 'the association between the image of a C. elegans and the topic of
> bioinformatics is a trademark of O'Reilly and associates'.
> !?!  Does this mean that the acedb logo breaks this trademark?  I can't
> see how you can trademark an 'association' between an 'image' and a
> 'topic'.
> Having said all that, the book does look very good.
> Keith

Indeed this is a great one ! There are at least other three or four
instances of authors or Journals that could sue O'Reilly and
associates, or be sued, depending on time. This story look like
that of the Chianti Wine Logo. The  Chianti wine association
had been using a Black  cock as its logo for several decades, almost
a century I believe. Then came the Gallo  family --  cock in italian --
wine producers in California, patenting their family name --
mostly junk wine in my opinion b.t.w. --. Being that the name was
the same in italian, a court case was filed against the italian
consortium in an American court, who declared that the Italian
Consortium had no right on the symbol.


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