Joining databases.

Ed Griffiths edgrif at sanger.ac.uk
Tue May 1 10:01:36 EST 2001


> I currently have 6ace and 10ace running and would like to amalgamate the
> two.  I had considered setting up an empty database and then transfering
> the blocks across from 10ace, then renumbering those in 6ace and
> transfering those across.  Are there any more effective ways to join these
> two databases together without losing data?

Keiths suggestion is the one to follow, do not do what you are proposing above.
acedb has a table of where objects reside on disk and the code will not enjoy
what you were thinking of doing.

Dumping and reading in is the method you need to use. But note well Keiths
caveats about the models files of the databases being the same and also watching
out for objects with the same name in the two databases. If you need more help
you can contact the acedb developers direct via acedb at sanger.ac.uk

cheers Ed

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