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New to acedb

Ed Griffiths edgrif at sanger.ac.uk
Fri Jun 29 03:08:57 EST 2001


> I am new to acedb and is asked by a doctor to develop a database system for
> his clinic using the acedb.
> After reading some online material/documentation, I still have no idea of
> how to get started.

Oh gosh, where to start...

> My problem is how can I create a new database and new tables in acedb?

Acedb is not a relational database, you cannot create "tables" in the relational
sense. Acedb has a very powerful facility called tablemaker but this should not
be confused with relational database tables.

> Everytime when I run it, it shows up the content of the WormDB.

When you say "Everytime when I run it", what do you mean ?  Where did you get
your code and database from ?  The usual distribution of acedb contains a sample
database which contains data about the C. elegans worm, is this what you have ?

> The database would contain the information of the patients and their
> symtoms. It should also provide ways for other professionals to retrieve the
> relevant data for studies and research as well.

You need to decide how you want to model your data, acedb enables you to create
objects in the database that represent your data, e.g. you could have "patient"
objects etc. The file that holds this information for acedb is in the wspec
subdirectory of the database and is called "models.wrm". It has a particular
style of layout which translates to how the object will be held in the database.
You would edit this file with a simple text editor to add your own object
definitions (called "classes" in acedb).

If you have no experience of databases then you should go to the main acedb web
page (http://www.acedb.org/) and use the "search" box to search for tutorials on
models.wrm and other aspects of acedb.

Please try this, read some of the articles and then get back to us on this

cheers Ed

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