copy/paste from tablemaker

Dave Matthews matthews at greengenes.cit.cornell.edu
Wed Jul 4 03:26:58 EST 2001

In an xace Keyset or Tree window, if I click once on an object name it goes
into my Xwindows copy-buffer so I can paste it into any other window, e.g.
emacs.  This is a wonderful feature.  I've taken to using it when editing
.ace files, so I don't have to remember whether I'm "Matthews, Dave" or
"Matthews, David E." and I don't have to, ick, _type_.  (Of course my
keyboarding skills have degenerated further as result.)

But it doesn't work in a Tablemaker window.  Can it be made to work there

(Tested with ace4_7g and 4_9a.  X server is Hummingbird Exceed.)

- Dave


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