aceperl question - parse_file

Janet Young jayoung at fhcrc.org
Mon Jan 29 03:46:07 EST 2001


I'm trying to get the parse_file method of aceperl to work but I am doing
something wrong. This is probably a very simple question for someone who
knows aceperl.

here's my test script:

use warnings;
use Ace;
my @files = @ARGV;
foreach my $file (@files) {
   print "reading file $file\n";
   my $db = Ace->connect(-path =>'/shared1/traskdata/janet/OLFace',
   my $check = $db -> fetch (Sequence=> 'AC000096');
   print "check " . $check->asString;
   my @objects = $db->parse_file('dummy.ace');
   my $noobjs = @objects;
   print "$noobjs read into database\n";
   print "objects " . $objects[0]->asString . "\n";

here's the dummy.ace file:
Clone : dummyclone
Sequence dummyseq
Remark "this item not a real database object"

and here's the output:
reading file dummy.ace
check AC000096  Visible  Clone  CT7-98D3
1 read into database
objects dummyclone;

and a clone called dummyclone; appears in my database but without any tags.

Questions: where did the semi-colon in the object name come from, and why
does my object have no tags? (the input file gets read fine if I use xace to
read it in)

thanks for any help


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