xace crash

Richard Durbin rd at sanger.ac.uk
Wed Jan 24 04:54:21 EST 2001

> Stack overflow: pid 6745, proc xace, addr 0x11dffffb0, pc 0x1201afa1c
> Segmentation fault (core dumped)

As Ed pointed out, there is a hard limit.  So you can't use your 2Gb
all as stack space.

But I think we have to acknowledge that this is an acedb bug.  A few
years ago we rewrote most code that looks at acedb tree objects to
only recurse going right, not when going down lists.  This speeds
things up as well as avoiding stack overflow problems.  My guess is
that the tree display code still has a downwards recursion (it is
simpler to write that way), which is causing this problem.  We should
remove it.


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